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Hearing Loss Linked to Alzheimer's

To begin, it’s important to let you know that having hearing loss does not mean you or your loved one will develop Alzheimer’s. Majority of people begin to have trouble hearing during their senior years and still manage to live their years without experiencing dementia. But, there is a link that suggests if we can do something to minimize hearing loss, there’s a decent chance we can also minimize the likelihood of getting Alzheimer’s or the severity of it if one does get it.

Anyone experiencing loss of hearing, especially seniors, should make an effort to seek out treatment for it. Not only will it make it much easier to communicate with those around you and help you to continue your everyday activities, but it could help avoid any sign of Alzheimer’s.

Were you aware of the connection between Alzheimer’s and hearing loss? Will you take the step to help yourself or your loved ones?

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