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When to Get a Hearing Test

Audiologic Evaluation

Do you ever wonder whether you should visit your audiologist for a hearing test? Well, the truth is, the very fact you are even thinking about it is a good sign that you need to consider making an appointment. The reality is that hearing loss is often overlooked by many people as a serious health issue. And given that your hearing isn’t something that is screened by your regular doctor, it’s something you need to take care of yourself. With this in mind, we’ve put together some hints and tips on when you should visit your audiologist and book yourself a hearing test.


Here are some stark facts for you to consider. Around 48 million Americans have some form of hearing loss and are experienced by over 50 per cent of individuals aged 45 to 64. This tells you a couple of key points. If you don’t get a hearing test every couple of years or so, there’s a very good chance you will develop issues without even realizing it. And those problems will only get worse over time if you don’t get diagnosed.

If you have never had one

It’s amazing that so few people use their audiologist in the same way as they use their doctor, dentist or optician. Hearing is one of the senses that helps us to connect with the world around us and is important for all kinds of things. Communication with other people, listening to music, keeping safe when out and about - the list of things good hearing gives you is a long one. So, if you have never had a hearing test, book an appointment now. You may well have normalized your hearing loss, and things can get progressively worse without you realizing. A hearing test could help you hear the world around you in ways that you haven’t experienced it for years.

When you struggle to hear

While some people’s problems happen slowly over time, there are plenty of indicators that you are struggling to hear. Do you have to ask people to repeat themselves properly? Do you struggle to follow conversations when in groups, or when you are in noisy situations? DO you suffer from stress when you have to strain what people are saying? If so, make sure you visit your audiologist for a hearing test. It might be a blockage or a simple case of ear wax build up. But it could also be a sign that your hearing is developing problems.

If these situations sound familiar

Are you under 50 but haven’t had a hearing test for over ten years? Are you over 50 and haven’t had a hearing test in three years? Can you hear better in one ear than another, or do you work in a job that exposes you to loud noises? Or do you feel dizzy every now and again, and haven’t had a diagnosis from your doctor? If any of these situations sound familiar, visit your audiologist. At worst you will be given the all-clear, but you may also come out of the room with a proper diagnosis and some solutions for your hearing loss.